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President Elect-Elect

Karen Chaney, MA, LPC, NCC

Biography: Karen accomplished receiving her LPC almost three years ago. Before her LPC, she spent 18 years in the education world teaching, counseling, helping young people prepare for post-secondary success, and coordinating programs, such as GEAR UP, A+, Multi-tiered Student Support, 504, and many others. In the past two years, She moved into community counseling and am now a Supervising Therapist at her current place of work. Currently, she is the Team Leader for a DBT program and co-facilitate the groups. Her work entails facilitating adult outpatient groups for mental health and substance abuse, individual counseling, as well as administrative work. She supervises office based and school-based therapists, who have their offices at different schools to be more accessible to students who can’t get to the office. 

Reason for seeking office: As a Trustee on the ACAM Board for two years, I have learned much about the inner workings of this organization. I have enjoyed my time as an ACAM member for 10 years, attending the conference every year, finding it to be the best way to network and earn my CEs for licensure. I look forward to the opportunity of working for the betterment of our community of counselors by continuing on the Board and am always open to suggestions from members.

Robin Ewy, MA, LPC

Biography: Robin is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has a small private practice in Kansas City North. She is the current Director of the Northwest District Counseling Ministries for the United Methodist Church Missouri Conference providing resources to help pastors support their congregations with mental health challenges. She has also worked with patients and families in the hospice setting. After many years in Corporate America, she returned to school and received her Masters of Art degree in Counseling and Guidance in 2013 from University of Missouri-Kansas City with an emphasis in couples and families.

Reason for seeking office: As the Executive Director for the past two years, I have grown to respect this organization and am excited to see it grow as an organization that supports Missouri licensed professionals, individually as well as professionally. I love the supportive interaction we have with each other and believe it is so important for us!

Trustees (3 openings)

Robert Cox, LPC, NCC

Biography: Robert has his Master’s in counseling from MidAmerica Nazarene University, Bachelor’s in Social Psychology from Park University and a Minor in Religious Studies from Southwest MO State University (Now MSU). He is both an LPC and NCC and soon to be CCTP (Clinically Certified Trauma Professional). Robert owns a group practice with headquarters in Richmond, MO and an office in Liberty, MO focusing heavily on trauma with specializations in addictions and autism. “I see autism (after 25 years of working with it in one capacity or another) as a trauma event. Not that it was caused by trauma but that it induces trauma on the individual and shapes the brain in much the same way.” He has written a book about this subject called, “The Life Recovery Method: Autism Treatment From a Trauma Perspective”. Robert lectures frequently on mindfulness regionally and nationally for ACAM and other organizations. He uses it in practice as a way of teaching emotional regulation and has used it himself over the past 28 years in overcoming his own trauma and addiction history. 

Reason for seeking office: I would like to serve ACAM because I am deeply involved in trying to advance our profession. I would like to see LPC’s and LCSW’s given more credibility in the field and see this as an answer to alleviating some of the drastic disparities in care that we face as a state and a nation. I have seen ACAM making a strong comeback over the past 2 years after some difficulty and would welcome the opportunity to be a part of that.

Robin Craycroft, LPC

Robin graduated from Missouri State University in December, 2012, having served her internship at MSU’s Center City Counseling Center where she was given clients with numerous struggles. After a rewarding experience in private practice, robin recently made a change accepting a position at Burrell Behaviorial Health as an outpatient therapist. She is looking forward to working with her current clients, accepting new ones and working with fellow therapists. She first presented at ACA creative conference in Memphis, TN in 2012 with two of her professors and recently presented at the ACAM 2018 Conference. Robin has been involved with several non-profits through the years. At the Child Abuse Prevention Council, she chaired committees, planned events and lobbied our state legislators. She has also served on boards and done fundraising for other non-profits.

Reason for Seeking office: I love our profession and believe I can be of service to ACAM. My hope is to increase membership in southwest Missouri area. I look forward to working with others to further the causes of ACAM.

Paul Loosemore, MA, LPC

Biography: Ph.D. Counselor Education and Supervision, CACREP – Accreditation In Progress, Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia; M.A. Counseling, 2015. Covenant Theological Seminary, St Louis, Missouri

Paul is currently Director and Therapist at St Louis Counselor and provides couples therapy, EMDR therapy, individual services, online services.

Professional Licenses, Certifications, Credentials

Certified Gottman Therapist (CGT)

2018 – Present

The Gottman Institute; A research-based approach to couples therapy

EMDR Therapist

2017 – Present

EMDRIA Approved Training

Level 1 and 2

Reasons for seeking office:

1. I believe we cannot do this wonderful work alone and isolated, and it takes a community of dedicated professional all supporting one another to provide sustenance, peer support, vitality and growth. ACAM is hard at work to make this happen, and I would like to be more of a part in this work. It is crucial that we don't neglect to care for ourselves as we care for others.

2. My personality is such that I like to really give myself to things I see and experience as worthwhile. ACAM is one of these things! I have purposefully been considering ACAM and other organizations I might commit my time and energies to, and my experience with ACAM to date has confirmed that it is a wonderful resource that could continue to grow with care and commitment. I believe a trustee position would allow me to bring my gifts and commitment into fruitful work with ACAM as I help us to continue to build together.

3. My training in Counselor Education and Supervision through my PhD program has taught me vital leadership, advocacy and support skills that a trustee position would draw upon. I believe I have things to offer organizationally, intellectually and emotionally.

4. I have growing areas of clinical expertise that could be utilized more widely for our communities and facilitating discussion and thoughtfully leading committees.

5. I have held a number of positions of leadership and development through my career and have learnt many transferable skills that equip me for this exciting challenge. I believe I could utilize these in service of ACAM and it's members.

6. This would allow me to continue to grow, develop, and be an active member in the wider counseling community.

7. The people at ACAM are a joy to work with! And I would consider it a privilege to do more of the same! I would like to know more of the members.

Megan Schomer, MEd, LPC, NCC

Biography: Megan is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) working out of Jefferson County, Missouri. As a LPC Megan works in both private practice and a community agency. In her practice Megan sees children and families, supporting them through both diagnosed disorders and everyday stressors. In her community work, Megan is the Child Wellness Coordinator with Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation/ Head Start where her primary goal is to build mental health awareness throughout Jefferson and Franklin Counties. Megan has also been a National Certified Counselor for three years since her Master’s graduation from the University of Missouri – St. Louis (CACREP accredited). She will also be graduating in 2019 with her Doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision from University of the Cumberlands (CACREP accredited). Finally, Megan is currently working toward completion of her Registration in Play Therapy and Certification in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

Reason for seeking office: Megan is seeking a trustee position with the American Counseling Association of Missouri in hopes to increase her support of the Missouri mental health community and to promote counselor awareness throughout our state. She hopes to work with other members of ACAM in building a strong foundation of counseling practice in our communities. She is strongly looking forward to continuing her membership with ACAM in a more integrative role as trustee and hopes to be an impactful clinician in the state of Missouri.

Jerry Walker, LPC

Biography: Jerry Walker attended Missouri Southern State College where he received an Associate of Science degree in General Business and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Education in 1982. In 1991, he earned a Master’s of Science Degree in Secondary Counseling from Pittsburg State University, and a Specialist’s Degree in Counseling from the same institution in December 1999. As part of the Specialist’s Degree he also received 200 hours of training in family therapy. Jerry taught math and science at Webb City High School from 1983 to 1992 before becoming a high school counselor for the next 21 years. He also coached football for 12 years and wrestling for 15 years in the Webb City R-7 School District. He has been an associate of Behavior Management since May 1998 where he is a Licensed Professional Counselor. He retired from public education in June 2013. He appeared on the weather channel documentary titled “Top 10 Worst Tornadoes” for working with a patient to overcome her fear of tornadoes (Lilapsophobia).

Reason for seeking office: I have been a trustee on the ACAM board for three years. My reason for seeking office is to continue to promote and expand the ACAM organization throughout the entire state of Missouri. And to provide professional counselors with an organization they can count on for continued support when needed, as well as professional development.

Student Trustee (non-voting)

James Smith M.Ed., LPC, NCC

James began his work in the counseling field in 2006 with Pathways Behavioral Healthcare as a substance abuse technician in the residential adolescent treatment program in Columbia, MO. In 2009, he was credentialed as a co-occurring disorder professional and in 2011 received his LPC. He has in community psychiatric rehabilitation with people with dual diagnoses of severe, chronic mental illness and substance use disorders. He has also worked in medication assisted treatment and in a maximum-security prison setting. James is currently employed at Lincoln University as the Director of Student Health and Wellness Services. In 2014, James began working on a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision and, at this time, he is near the end of the process of completing his Ph.D in counselor education. 

Reasons for Seeking Office

The primary reason that I am seeking office is that in my Ph.D. work, I have recognized the importance of being more than a practicing counselor and in promoting and advocating for the counseling profession. We are responsible for our profession. Getting involved in professional organizations helps to promote, advocate for, and influence the counseling profession. As part of my Ph.D. studies, I sought out and am excited for the opportunity to work part of my Ph.D. internship with ACAM. Becoming a member of the board as a student representative would provide me with the opportunity to continue working with and for the counseling profession here in Missouri beyond the time limits of my internship. I hope to continue my involvement with ACAM for many years. I know that one of my strengths is leadership. I integrate Transformational Leadership and Servant Leadership into my approach to working with people. I want to put my skills and knowledge to the service of our profession in Missouri. I hope that you find my skills useful enough to invite me to participate in the work of the Board of Trustees.

Gina Rivera Sokolich, MA

Biography: BA in Marketing, MA Professional Counseling May 2018, Nationally Licensed EMT. Currently, employed at Abbott EMS, begin Private Practice Counseling under Supervision of Ann Ross LPC, NCC, in June 2018.

Reason for seeking office: I am seeking office of Student Trustee with ACAM because as I really enjoyed the conference I believe there are things I can help encourage so that our organization continues to grow and be a strong support for all of our Mental Health Professionals. I am in this field because I believe in positive mental health. I believe everyone can benefit from seeing their counselor regularly without the fear of others harassing them about it. With everything happening in the world, all the violence and changes occurring, I believe we as therapists, can do so much to be available for so many. Being a First Responder, my focus in counseling is Grief, Trauma and in particular treating First Responders and their families. I look forward to meeting many of the members of ACAM and growing with the organization. I believe I can be an asset to this organization with my many years of marketing and promotions experience and my passion for everything we do as Counselors in every specialty.

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