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Announcing "Autism as Trauma Workshop" 

Instructor: Robert Cox, LPC, NCC

Number of CEUs: 6


1.      Kansas City, MO September 7th, 9-4:30 (1-hour lunch and 2, 15-minute breaks)

1.      Springfield, MO October 26th, 9-4:30 (1-hour lunch and 2, 15-minute breaks)

2.      St. Louis, MO November 9th, 9-4:30 (1-hour lunch and 2, 15-minute breaks)


Workshop Description:

This workshop is based on Robert’s work and research as reported in his book, “The Life Recovery Method: Autism Treatment From A Trauma Perspective” and additionally discovered neuroscience research since the publication of the book.  The development of the brain, how trauma affects that brain and how autism creates trauma will be covered.  In addition, we will look at how social exclusion and bullying become trauma in the individual’s life.  Finally, a look at some myths about autism such as the “inability to feel emotion” or that it resembles sociopathology and the neuroscience that unravels these myths.   Finally, we will look at how we can teach emotional regulation and begin overcoming many of the deficits created by autism by training in mindfulness.  Methods and techniques will be taught to participants.


Learning Objectives:

Participants in this workshop will be able to:

1.      Clearly define the structures of the brain affected by autism and how they differ from “neurotypical” development.

2.      Clearly compare and contrast the brain as it is affected by neurodevelopmental trauma and autism.

3.      Begin to identify and treat the trauma of sensory issues by defining sensory needs.

4.      Define and begin treating social deficits and the social trauma that can result.

5.      Use mindfulness techniques to begin teaching emotional regulation and the control of sensory issues.

Robert’s Bio:

Biography:  Robert has his Master’s in counseling from MidAmerica Nazarene University, Bachelor’s in Social Psychology from Park University and a Minor in Religious Studies from Southwest MO State University (Now MSU).  He is both an LPC and NCC and soon to be CCTP (Clinically Certified Trauma Professional).  Robert owns a group practice with headquarters in Richmond, MO and an office in Liberty, MO focusing heavily on trauma with specializations in addictions and autism.  “I see autism (after 25 years of working with it in one capacity or another) as a trauma event.  Not that it was caused by trauma but that it induces trauma on the individual and shapes the brain in much the same way.” He has written a book about this subject called, “The Life Recovery Method: Autism Treatment From a Trauma Perspective”.  Robert lectures frequently on mindfulness regionally and nationally for ACAM and other organizations.  He uses it in practice as a way of teaching emotional regulation and has used it himself over the past 28 years in overcoming his own trauma and addiction history.

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