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Officer’s Roles and Responsibilities


Term-1 Year

            The President shall be the Chief Elected Officer of the Association, shall preside at and chair all State Meetings of the Association, the  Governing Council and of the Executive Committee.  The President shall appoint the members of all committees, except as specified in these Bylaws, and shall be an ex-officio member without voting privileges on all committees.  The President shall perform the duties customary to the office.

ACAM Bylaws Section 3.a

  • ·      Preside ACAM meetings including collect old and new agenda items
  • ·      Preside (run) The Governing Council which is made up of the Executive Board members with voting rights
  • ·      Preside (run) the Executive Committee
  • ·      Appoint members of committees and participate in committees including the Committee of Past Presidents
  • ·      Provide leadership for the organization
  • ·      Preside over the Annual Conference to introduce speakers, run the annual business meeting held at the annual conference, assist the President-Elect and Executive Director in making decisions to execute the annual conference
  • ·      Preside over ACAdemy to encourage ACAdemy member’s participation and involvement


Term-1 Year then automatically becomes the President on July 1st.

The President-elect shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or incapacity of the President and shall chair the Program Committee of the Association.


                                                                        ACAM Bylaws 3.b.

  • ·      Perform duties of the President in his/her absence
  • ·      Chair programs of the organization
  • ·      Obtain, organize, and develop presenters for the annual conference
  • ·      Assist the President with his/her duties

President Elect-Elect

Term-1 Year and automatically becomes President-Elect on July 1st

The President-Elect-Elect shall be an officer of the Association and assist the President-Elect with the annual convention.

                        ACAM Bylaws 3.c.

  • Officer of the Association
  • Assist with the annual conference


Term-2 Years

The Treasurer shall represent the Association in assuring the receipt and expenditure of funds in accordance with directives established by the Governing Council, and be under such bond as may be required  by the  Governing Council.  The Treasurer shall perform the duties customary to the office and such additional duties as directed by the President.  The Treasurer shall chair the Finance Committee of the Association.

                                                            ACAM Bylaws 3.d.

  • Chair the Finance Committee
  • Continue to develop a yearly budget for the Association
  • Send in tax information each year (due by May 15th) to Executive Director
  • Keep financial records of revenue and expenses for the association and each branch
  • Report on revenue and expenses monthly to the Executive Committee
  • Pay bills and payroll in a timely manner
  • Attend to any tax issues


Term-2 years

The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the  Governing Council and shall conduct the correspondence for the Association.  The Secretary shall be responsible for verifying that Chapter, Divisions, and Interest Groups have met the  requirements for retaining voting status on the  Governing Council and retaining active status.  The Secretary shall perform the duties customary to the office and such additional duties as directed by the President.

                        ACAM Bylaws 3.e.

  • Keep minutes of all meetings and communicate those minutes in a timely manner
  • Responsible for verifying chapter, divisions, and interest groups met requirements to retain their voting status on the Governing Council and may remain an active subsidiary

Trustee (4 total Trustees in the Organization)

Term-2 Years

            The Trustees at the direction of the President shall serve as members and/or chairs of the various committees of the Association.

                                    ACAM Bylaws 3.f.


  • Serve as members and/or chair various committees
  • Represent geographical areas of the State of Missouri
  • Provide council and leadership to assist in the maintenance and growth of the Association

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